Presidential Races30th, January, 2015

In recent Presidential and Congressional electorial races, so much money has been spent that by the time it is over the money spent dwarfs third world nations entire GDP. Then we want the United States of America to be a world leader, but most of our diplomats that are appointed do not even speak the language of the people to whom they are suppose to convene with on their two nations relationship. Some politicians have been elected simply on popularity of either their campaign or their personal celebrity, and not on their ability to govern. Americans should instead of robotically voting for their registered party, we should look at look at these "politicians" record. If we did that, then we may find that we are no-longer enthusiastic about the canidate we previously had no doubts about voting for. If we as a nation took this approach, we could in fact live up to the title of, "The Greatest County On Earth".




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