France has extradited to Belgium one of the two suspects that were detained there on suspicion of involvement in the Verviers terrorist group. On his arrival in Belgium an examining magistrate immediately detained him on suspicion of involvement in a terrorist group. News of the terror suspect’s extradition was given by the Federal Judicial authorities on Friday evening. The 32-year-old fled with his brother to France on the evening of Thursday 15 January. It was then that police raided a house in Verviers (Liège province) where three suspected terrorists were staying. The two brothers were detained by French police the same night in Modane (Savoie). Belgium had issued a European warrant for their arrest. The man that has been extradited agreed to be sent back to Belgium. However, his brother did not and an appeal against the extradition will be heard on at the Court of Appeal in Paris on 4 February.


Kurdish forces were in complete control of the Syrian town of Kobane near the Turkish border on Monday after months of fighting with the militant group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitoring group has said. The Syrian Kurdish forces have been backed by near daily U.S.-led airstrikes around the town, known as Ayn al-Arab in Arabic, and supported by Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces. But the Pentagon declined to declare the battle for Kobane was over or declare that ISIS forces had been entirely pushed out after a four-month battle that became a focal point in the international fight against the group. “I am not prepared to say the battle there is won. The battle continues. But as of now, friendly forces ... I believe, have the momentum,” said Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steve Warren. U.S. and coalition forces launched 17 air strikes near Kobane since Sunday, the military said earlier. The Pentagon last Friday said about 70 percent of the city was in control of Kurdish forces. Warren did not provide an updated figure on Monday, even as the monitoring group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Syrian Kurdish YPG forces had retaken the town, close to the Turkish border.


At least 12 civilians were killed in the rebel stronghold of Donetsk on Friday, according to the city's pro-Russia administration. Donetsk city hall said five were killed when a mortar shell hit nearby as they stood in line waiting for humanitarian aid near a community center. Another two died when a shell landed near a trolleybus, while another five died after being hit by artillery fire. Militia leaders gave a slightly different account, saying that five were killed in the mortar that hit near the bus. Meanwhile, a fresh round of peace talks that were meant to be held in the Belarusian capital, Minsk on Friday, were called off amid the ongoing bloodshed in eastern Ukraine. The rebels were the first to announce their cancellation. "The foreign ministry of Belarus confirmed today that Kyiv (representatives) won't come, the talks have been cancelled," the AFP news agency cited separatist envoy Denis Pushilin as telling reporters in Minsk. "We are leaving Minsk today," he added. However, a spokesman for the Belarusian foreign ministry declined to confirm his. The ongoing fighting - and cancellation of the latest planned peace talks, have caused fresh alarm in the West. A day after European Union foreign ministers agreed to extend sanctions against Russia over its alleged support of the rebels, French President Francois Hollande and Polish Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz called on the Kremlin to cut off support to the separatists. AFP quoted a joint statement released by the two leaders following a meeting in Paris, in which they called for an immediate ceasefire in eastern Ukraine. "We call on Russia to immediately contribute to a political solution by ceasing all forms of support to the separatists in eastern Ukraine," the statement said. Hollande also pledged to send French tanks and armored vehicles to bolster forces from the Western military alliance NATO stationed in Poland. Since last April, NATO allies have been rotating forces and military equipment through Poland and other member states in eastern Europe in a bid to increase security.



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